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K1400 Owners Group SA National Event 2019

K1400 Owners Group SA National Event 2019

This is our 4th national event.


Theme colours for 2019 = White text on black.

Towels by Marc Gillrossi branded. (No towels at resort, we have to supply our own towels). Branded towels will be available online too.

T-shirts ordering online as usual. This year  will be white text on black (SHARKS!)

Badges will also be available online. 

Cut-off dates for all online transactions will be 01 September 2019

Event place

Event place SANTANA Holiday Resort in Margate KZN.

Here is there website link:

And a link to a short video:

Contact detail

Talana Loots for direct bookings. Please refer and use zx14 group name to introduce yourself.

Her cell phone number:  073 829 8300

Resort/Accommodation rates/fees are special for our group regarding Friday and Saturday. Please discuss with her any other needs e.g. early arrivals, longer stays, staying elsewhere etc.

You still need to settle for Friday and Saturday evenings meals with Talana even if you stay elsewhere and you are attending Friday and Saturday evening meals. She will quote accordingly if you stay elsewhere. It therefore does make sence to stay within SANTANA Holiday Resort and enjoy the reduced rates. 

 Die ekstra etes is R130 pp.  Die tarief  pp wat deel met 2 aandetes ingesluit is R650 (soos ooreengekom).

Ons gee  die adminfooi van R300 wat eenmalig op n bespreking is af vir julle.

Res van etes soos ontbyte en enige ander etes is vir jouself, aangesien dit n "selfcatering" resort is. Daar is volledige toerusting om self kos te maak.

In summary if you share a unit:

Tariffs Santana Resort:
Accommodation & Meals:
2 Pax - R1300
3 Pax - R1750 / R583pp
4 Pax - R2200 / R550pp
5 Pax - R2650 / R530pp
6 Pax - R3100 / R517pp
Ekstra days - Santana Tariff


Very important, we have a cut -off date for bookings and payments which you will surely understand the reason for and appreciate planning efforts. This cut-off date is two weeks in advance of our national event:

Cut-off date is 20 September 2019. Period!


Thursday Evening = ?

Friday Evening Boerekos meet up dining.

Saturday Morning, opening with prayer and gospel before breakfast.

National exclusive K1400 only breakfast ride. (Breakfast tickets online available. Breakfast between R85 to R95.Tickets online .  Departure place and time to be published soon.

Saturday evening braai and prize draws.

Sunday morning departure

Sponsers. to be confirmed

1. Marc Gilrossi apparel,  SBK glasses.

2. Peter du Bruyn CASH.Confirmed.

3. Gert Krog, to be confirmed

4. Pieter vd Merwe Shinko Tyres, to be confirmed

5. Johan Human cash. Received.

6. Mark Alexander cash.

7. Jannie and Talana SANTANA holiday resorts weekend. (This wont be so easy anymore, due to attendance)

8. JRracing ECU flash x 2 - confirmed! Thank you

9. Kawasaki SA Pirelli Tyre. Confirmed.

10. Andre vd Merwe CASH received.Thank you.

Kit cars and trailers


The following visitors are welcome to attend but have to submit attendance details online:

1. ZX14R, ZZR, GTR Owners but who are not branded/registered within the group. These submitted visitors will qualify for prize drawings allocated.

2. Family members/friends  with other bikes than K1400 welcome to arrive at the holiday resort but not to join our exclusive K1400 breakfast run/ride. These visitors not eligable for prize drawings.  


1. Rates and prizes online shopping altered upward to cover banking costs.

2. You book your own resort/accommodation with Santana Holiday Resort by calling on Talana Loots who is awaiting your call. You have to specify your exact stay dates. Members who wants to stay elsewhere still have to book with Talana regarding Friday and Saturday evening meals. 

3. Attendance survey completed?

4. Cut-off dates please check!




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