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K1400 Owners Group SA National 2018

K1400 Owners Group SA National 2018 

Since 2008, 10 years riding!




1. Debbie number = 0828299055/0823265714

Other than that, please do your own booking.


Thursday morning 0530 sharp Pta group Ultra Shell Ben Schoeman South.

Meet up at Kroonvaal.

East Rand, also on their way to Kroonvaal.

NB! We leave Kroonvaal sharp at 0900.

Rustenburg will meet up in Bloemfontein.

We forsee to fuel Kroonvaal, Ventersburg, Kroonstad, Bloemfontein.

Weekend Agenda:

1. Thursday evening bunny chow by Andre Nell.  Event place to be announced. If you arrive on Thursday and you want to enjoy the best bunny chow. Paidup list avaialble

Assistance from Freddie, Irene, Ina, Andre, Wynand and Elanza all welcome to join early during preperations

 2. Friday morning: Open roads! We need to be safe. We will brekkie most probably Butheli again and enjoy the long open roads for a quick brekkie.

     Friday evening get together and meet up restaurant.

a. Tshirts and badges distribution will be done at restaurant. 

3. Saturday morning

a. 30 min slot opening Gospel Service leading by Pine Swart/Loodvoet just before we get together to depart for breakfast run. The venue is the Fish Eagle Lodge, same as braai venue, up the hill in town.

5, Kraai St, Gariepdam, 9922 (Address).

Start time: 0700 sharp and finish sharp at 0730 so that we can be ready for Buthuli brekkie departure 0745 sharp. Please feel free to join in this particular 30 minutes as you wish.  

b. Breakfast run around the dam. Exclusive 14's only! Breakfast and Butheli Hotel. We depart sharp at Gariep garage 08:15

4. Saturday evening. (Braai get together from 1600 onwards 5 Kraai Str, Gariep, Fish Eagle Lodge)

    a. Prize draws. Braai and kuier. A few announcements. (About 1900 latest). Next 2019 national event town/city to be announced.

    b. Sponsored prizes:

aa. JRracing 2x ECU flash = R3500 x 2

bb. Shinko Tyres Combo (Gert Krog) = R3150

cc. SBK official eyeware (Marc Gillrossi). Male and female = R3000 

dd. Bosch Power Tools x 5(Peter du Bruyn) = R5000 plus

ee. Front Shinko tyre120 / 70 / 17 (Izzy) = R1100-00.

ff. GTR/ZX14 GPS mounts 2x  (Widmark Wilke) = R1000

gg. Cash R2000 by Johan Human. Will be divided accordingly to discression of prize draws and needs.

hh. Cash R1000 by Mark Alexander. Can/will be addressed to discression of prize draws and or other needs.

jj. R500 cash by Andre vd Merwe as per our discression.

kk. Special prize by Peter du Bruyn =  

5. Sunday morning leave back home. Groups riding together depart from Gariep garage.


1. Harold and Ria Strydom, Izzy Olivier, Wynand Prinsloo

Leadership assistance: George Morrison, Andre Greeff, Arnold Theron, Wilke,Estelle

PA system?


Gariep Check List here

Bunny chow tickets here

Braai packs tickets here

Tshirts/Ttops/Badges ordering here

Buthuli breakfast tickets here

Bank Account details again:

Account name:

Bank: Capitecbank in Centurion with code 470010

Savings Account number: 1267395158

T-Shirts will be black with blue text.

Badges will be black with blue text. 

Kit Cars

a. Leadership/Control:

Trailer always at back. Izzy Olivier will be always back on route back from Gariep. 

His telephone number: 0824937877


Gerhard Dreyer( 0714926335) and Wynand Prinsloo (0836510844)

Wynand available and riding at the back of the group from East Rand Thursday morning.

Gerhard will join Thursday from Bloemfontein.


Thursday evening bunny chow-buy your tickets.

Restaurant meeting Friday evening, own food and drinks.

Buthuli breakfast tickets will be online.

Saturday evening braai pakkie online, prices include wood, coal etc.

Fuel: Please fill your 14 on arrival, to be ready for Friday morning open roads and please fill up again before Saturday morning breakfast run. We dont need delays at the only available garage in town.


If you own a 14, and you are not registered within the group (no branded allocated number) and you want to attend this event, you are very welcome to do so! Please let me know because we need the numbers of people to arrange braai packs and breakfast logistics! 

Check List for Gariep 2018:

K1400 Owners Group of SA,

I need your help please!

This year is our third national event. Oct 2018

Each year growing in attendance numbers and to help us (Admin) to make it an enjoyable weekend for you, you must tick the following boxes for yourself, besides other information to follow as we go along:

  1. You replied with your attendance survey online (no reply, we can’t book breakfast or braai pack for that matter!)? This now your very first step please! We need this not later than end of July upcoming.

  1. Your accommodation is in place?
  2. You ordered you t-shirts/t-tanks/badges if applicable, payed with order reference (no reference, no joy!)?

  1. You ordered your bunny chow tickets online for Thursday evening if applicable, payed with order reference (no reference, no joy)? Only applicable if you arrive Thursday.
  2. You participated by ordering raffle tickets for the ZX14 model, if applicable, payed with ordered reference, no reference no joy!)?

  1. You ordered your braai pack and breakfast (Saturday morning) seat/s online, payed in full of order reference (no reference, no eat during weekend!)? Only after your attendance reply these tickets will be available online.
  2. You made yourself familiar with the weekend agenda (available events calendar

  1. You specifically made a note on kit cars, members with medical kits and leadership (Harold and Ria Strydom, with other Planning Members) during the weekend?
  2.  Fill up your 14 on arrival. Fill up again Friday afternoon! We don’t need delays at the only fuel station in Gariep during breakfast run etc. or

Lucky draw proceedings.

  1. All riders and pillions will receive one lucky draw ticket on Friday evening during T-shirt and badge hand-out. If members invite a visitor/s. Make sure he/she gets a lucky draw ticket.
  2. Please make sure your ticket is in the correct marked boxes. (no extra tickets will be available.)
  3. There will be 4 boxes for tickets.
  1. Riders
  2. Pillions
  3. Visitors
  4. Raffle (ZX14 Model)
  1. The lucky draw will start after Freddie’s opening speech on Saturday evening at the braai.
  2. The lucky draw will consist of one draw per prize.

Prizes are as follows.




R1000 Cash (Mark Alexander)

SBK Ladies Sunglass (Mark Gillrossi)

R500 Cash (Johan Human

ECU Flash (JR Racing)

R500 Cash (Johan Human


Powertool 1(Peter du Bruyn)

R500 Cash (Johan Human


Powertool 2(Peter du Bruyn)

R500 Cash (Johan Human


Shinko Tyre Combo (Gert Krog)



SBK Mens Sunglass (Mark Gillrossi)



Powertool 3(Peter du Bruyn)



ECU Flash (JR Racing)



Front Shinko Tyre (Izzy Olivier)



GPS Mount (Widmark Wilke)



R500 Cash (Andre v/d Merwe)



Powertool 4(Peter du Bruyn)



Powertool 5(Peter du Bruyn)



GPS Mount (Widmark Wilke)



Special Prize (Peter du Bruyn)



Thank you so much! Appreciated and looking forward to meeting up in Gariep.



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